MOMA Matisse Exhibition Opening

An opening animation project for MOMA’s Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibition, Oct 12, 2014 – Feb 10, 2015. In the 40s, artist Matisse turned almost exclusively to the medium of cut painted paper, called a cut-out. Matisse used thumbtacks to secure the cut forms, which allowed for easy repositioning. The MOMA exhibition was the largest and most extensive presentation of the cut-outs ever mounted. I used snapshots of select Matisse’s cut-outs and featured his famous blue pomegranate as the running narrative.

Music is from Stavroz, Smile This Mixtape


Process:Matisse_storyboard-03 Matisse_storyboard-04 Matisse_storyboard-05Matisse_storyboard-07

The Parakeet and the Mermaid, 1952:


Les Oiseaux, 1947:


Verve – Femmes Et Singes, 1958:


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